Popkin’s Policy Work

Barry Popkin’s work affects policy related to nutrition transition around the world.

Evaluation of Food industry initiatives to reduce obesity
The Healthy Weight Commitment initiative of the major food companies in the United States has stated that they will reduce caloric intake of US residents.

Global Beverage Guidelines
This initiative provides guidance on the relative health and nutritional benefits and risks of various beverage categories to change overall beverage consumption patterns as a way to improve health.

Global Work on Front of the Package Food Labeling
Mexico, assist Ministry of Health and National Institute of Public Health. Global Choices International Member of the Scientific Board.

Food Price Policy
Assisted New York, Philadelphia, Mexico, China, others on design, taxation consideration

Other Food Policy
Organized national conferences and agendas for fortification programs in China and South Africa for the Miconutrient Initiative. Assisted the International Food Policy Research Institute and Asian Development Bank to review nutrition transition-related health concerns and program options for Asia. Member of the G-7 team that worked on the economic and polticial transition for the former Soviet Union. As part of that designed food-based poverty lines for Russia and Kyrgyzstan that still remain the basis for their pension and welfare program support.

Front of the Package Profiling
Front of the Package Labeling Work