Food Price Policy

As an economist, Barry Popkin has known for decades about the power of shifts in the relative prices(both money and time costs) of food and drink on how we eat and drink. Similarly he has understood how changes in the relative time and money costs for our transportation and leisure options affect our movement.

As a result, all the survey research efforts he has undertaken beginning with the Cebu Longitudinal Health and Nutrition Survey and the Bicol Multipurpose Survey and the Laguna Rural Household Surveys—all in the Philippines—collected from each community price data.

Research on price policy to date has been limited to some early work on infant feeding patterns and food prices roles related to breast-feeding and related topics, work in China that was more exemplary of what systematic research might do, and now more systematic work underway in the US and later in China. Some of this has linked with US, Mexican and now UK beverage research.

In the United States we have shown how a 10% increase in both soft drink and pizza taxes would reduce energy intake, weight gain and risk of diabetes